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Min amount is 100 MRT2


Welcome to the MortyStake investment platform.

Stake MRT2 to get daily passive rewards using MortyStake safe verified audited smart contract built on MRT2 Smart Chain.

And get 6.66% Daily

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0.00 MRT2
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Min: 100 MRT2
Max: 1000000 MRT2
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18% Referral Reward (not affect on your deposit and earnings amount)
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Total contract balance 100 MRT2 .

Total LP USD Balance 1

Above is the overall balance of the MortyStake Ecosystem, which includes the investments of our respected investors

as well as a safety cushion, in the form of percentage deductions from third-party ecosystems.

Answers and questions.

In this section, you will get answers to the most common questions.

How to connect to MortyStake miner?

  • 01)🔸 Simply visit and download the application. The app is secure and widely used in the de-fi market. (Remember to never share your seed phrase).
  • 02)🔸 Buy BEP20 MRT2 if you want to mine MRT2. To fund your Trust Wallet or Meta Wallet with a mask.
  • 03)🔸 Copy the page, go to the trust wallet in the browser section, paste the link into the browser and connect the network to binance Smart Chain. Stack MRT2 tokens and get daily 6.6% of the amount you invested in the online miner.

What is the advantage of the MortyStake system

  • ✔️ The MortyStake system includes many changes that are beneficial for the investor.
  • 01.💎 Daily earnings 6.6% of your invest
  • 02.💰 minimum investment 100 MRT2
  • 03.💰 The reward occurs within 30 days. After that, to receive interest, you need to invest a lot
  • 04.🚀 Referral 18%
  • 05.🔸 Miner support by third-party resources to maintain balance and comfortable claim by investors-

How many percent can I earn daily by investing MRT2 token?

💰 Our staking plan is 30 days. You stake for 30 days of MRT2 and earn 6.6% of the amount of tokens you invested in the online miner. After 30 days, you must again invest that claim you percent.

How can I earn more than 6.6% ?

💰 You can earn more than 6.6% by inviting people through your referral link. From each invited referral you will receive 18% bonuses. The size of 18% depends on the amount of the amount that your referral replenishes. With each replenishment of your referral, you will receive 18% bonuses.

How to make sure that the project is safe?

  • 🤵The functionality of our decentralized contract is transparent and open source. The site has been officially audited with the audit service "Gaudit". You can explore by clicking on the icon below, Also, an additional safety net has been added to the project in the form of support from third-party resources, to maintain the balance of investors and a comfortable claim.

How much do miner developers and marketers earn?

🚀 According to the decentralized contract, the teams of developers and marketers earn 5% each for develop and update our system.

Is MortyStake miner affiliated with the official Binance project?

  • 🚀 Yes, This EcoSystem is in no way associated with the system of Binance and its developer. We are an independent DapMiner MortyStake system. The national goal is to develop and support MRT2 .

Double Stake ?

  • 🚀 If you didnt want claim you tokens, you can reinvest your tokens in contract again

Does our project collect confidential data of holders?

  • This project is independent, decentralized, this project works exclusively on smart contracts, does not store confidential user data. It is not associated with the government and governing bodies.

Watch details about us.

What is the commission for ?

  • Dear friends, for each claim made by you, you will be charged a commission of 0.001 bnb, these savings will in no case be used for personal gain, but will go into the liquidity of the token, which will help you get rich

MortyStake EcoSystem


Daily Earnings

Thanks to our complex decentralized application, each user after the investment receives a daily income of 6.6%

Referral system

MortyStake system offers the highest referral rate, when you invite a referral, you get 18% of your referral's investment amount every time.

Transparent EcoSystem

Our transaction distribution system is made as transparent as possible. Оn the main page of the site, each investor can track investments and withdrawals of all transactions.

Invest Insurance

The MortyStake Eco System is protected by individual insurance, and the chance of contract nullification = 0. Because third-party eco-Systems such as arcades and other resources deduct interest to the dap miner contract on an ongoing basis, preventing the contract from being nullified.


There are 4 types of arcade games in the MortyStake ecosystem. And each game deducts a percentage of MortyStake for the constant support of investors, and a comfortable claim.

Why BNB?

My friends, our team is working every day to improve our tokens, we are engaged in marketing, updates and ordinary development of tokens. Of course, in our team everyone works on the purest enthusiasm, but even they sometimes want to eat, but I assure you that 90% of the entire commission will not go into your pocket, but rather into liquidity, where you can multiply your money)) )